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Username: eden
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:196808064
Discord Name: eden#4057
Position for Application: Commisioned Officer
Regiment you are applying for: Starfighter Corps


Why do you want to apply for this position?: I love being in the air regiments on servers either MRP or SWRP, and I really enjoy being a pilot and being the CO of a regiment as I think that's what im best at.

Why do you think you are qualified for this position?: I have been the SFC CO on other servers (Specter Networks, and Republic Pilots on Unhappy Gamers). 

How long have you been within the Centurion Networks Community?: Around 10 months. 

Have you had any past experiences in leading troops?: Yes I was the CO for this specific regiment on another server and had around 4 other pilots and it did actually go pretty well and on events the training actually had an impact on how we all performed.

Why do you see yourself more fit then the other applicants?: Because of my expirience in the field and on that specific job, especially it being something I enjoy I can put my effort into it without it feeling like a chore which would improve activity from me.

What would you do when you achieve this position? Firstly I would work on populating the regiment as there are no pilots on the server currently, after that as long as its ok with the other directors on the server I could specifically train other select CO's for pilot certification if they need it provided they have a good reason for needing the cert.

What can you bring to this regiment? Activity, capability and just overall an enjoyable expirience for other people in and outside of the regiment as pilots play a big role and have a lot of community interaction as they are responsible for transporting troops in events, to training areas and planets.

How active are you? Im pretty active I am on the server most of the time

Can you write or help to write documents for this regiment?: Yes


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On behalf of the Imperial Army Battalion, you application is hearby...


Please speak with a staff member or IAB member to sort your rank in game.


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