Gaber's sugestions

Gaber's sugestions Locked

Posted 3 weeks ago



Name: Gaber

DiscordID: Gaber#5557

Rank: SSGT


What is your suggestion?:

1. Give all the jobds that are supposed to have cuffs proper elastic restraints so they can pull the prisoners without them runing off
2. In events ban the use of explosive rebels (asult rebels are an exeption) because the RPG and the grenadiers are too OP and they wipe half the troopers before they die.

How do you feel it would improve the server:  1 would make it easier for ppl to handle ECs and minges and 2 would make it more enjoyable to play instead of being blown up every 5 min.



🌟 Executive Team 🌟

Hi there, thanks for your suggestions. I will address both now.

  1. This can be done however we need you to be more specific and mention it here.
  2. This will be adressed with staff as it has been an ongroing issue.

Thanks for reading,

Brooke Burton,

Chief Executive Officer,

Centurion Networks,

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