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Steam Name: tea<3

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:80802006

Discord Name/Tag: tea<3#9868

Age (Optional): 17 (nearly 18)


Why are you applying for this position?:

I am aware I have no time on the server and that this application will be hard to judge but I have faith the team reviewing this application will make a wise decision. I have experience in management specifically in advising and directing and think I could make it work on your server. I am also applying to this community to meet new people and create new bond experiences. I feel as though some of my most memorable times on a server are made when I am able to communicate with the community and try my best to talk to everyone. Lastly, I want a community I can stick around with, and being a staff member helps me straighten my responsibilities and be a lot more active on the server. I really want to get back into staffing for GMOD because it is an experience I cherish a lot. I am applying for this position to help lead the server and hopefully show I have what it takes. 

Have you had any past experiences as a staff member? (If so please list a few servers.): 

- From 2017-2019 I was a staff member for over 40+ servers, To name a few - Legion Gaming, Corvega Networks, Solar Servers, Onyx Gaming, DarkMatter Networks, Trident/ Red Trident gaming (merge), Simplified Gaming, Wolftide Imperial, and much more I just listed some of the most memorable.

- I took a break for a while but in May of 2020 I staffed for Blackfyre Networks. It was an Imperial RP and I worked to the rank of community director. I oversaw almost everything but it started to die down and so we merged- that's when it collapsed. I was an affairs manager for the merge community since they had another director.

- I also staffed for a community called Ace Networks (late 2020 early 2021) as a community advisor but left because I felt the environment was too toxic.

What can you bring to the server as a staff member?:

I can bring a sense of collaboration. From the servers, I've staffed on before I rarely see what the people of the community want from that server. I try to change things but it doesn't work most of the time because some owners prioritize their needs over the community needs. I understand what has to be done to help the owner's needs as well as everyone else. I just want to help a server I enjoy. I listen and want a better voice as a staff member to better the server. I also try my best to make an inclusive and safe space for all individuals to prevent discrimination of any sort. 

Why do you think it is important to stay fair and unbiased?: I think it is important to stay neutral and unbiased because it helps everyone have a chance of sharing their side of the story without having any concern of being punished off of a biased opinion. I remain fair and unbiased to most situations unless something became a repeated offense. I honestly think that people who have shown their true colors (when doing something wrong) deserved to also be judged on their past actions ESPECIALLY if it is something that has happened more than once. Regardless, I maintain fair perspectives in almost every situation to ensure my staffing is equal and just.

How do you think a staff member should be in your mind?: A staff member should be kind, compassionate, welcoming, stern, responsible, and fun. I know in a lot of experiences I have been driven away because of the staff. Some staff have very little social empathy and it turns players away from joining. This is why I think having kind and compassionate staff members help increase community morale and help build bond with players for a continuous experience. Stern and responsible staff are also what help keep the community in order and ensure a fair and non toxic enviroment for all players. Lastly, fun staff members boost everyones attitude and makes the rp experience memorable. Of course when it comes down to it the staff member should be able to put away fun for duty. 

Do you know how to use the admin ULX panel?: Yes, and know some of the most frequently used commands.

How many warnings do you have on the server?: None.

You saw a user kill another user randomly but there were no reports made about this. Please give a quick example on how you would handle this: (While answering this question please put yourself in the position of a Trial Staff Member.)

As a Trial Staff member I would first try to get both sides of the story to develop an understanding of what happened and why it happened. Since there are no reports about this I would create one based on how serious the issue is. I would also consult with higher staff to make sure my decisions are supported. For RDM I would warn and punishments would escalate if  the action was repeated.


A user is constantly spamming the chat and saying racial slurs. How would you handle this case?: (While answering this question please put yourself in the position of a Junior Moderator.)

As a junior moderator I would talk to the individual saying these things and inform them that they are in great breach of the rules and (if i can) mute the individual until I can consult the correct punishment. I would probably kick - if the individual rejoins and continues or does it again I would escalate the punishment into a ban. 

A member joins the server. He is brand new to Gmod and does not understand the concept of "Roleplay" and he starts killing/shooting at people. How would you handle this case?:(While answering this question please put yourself in the position of a Trial Staff Member.)

I talk to the individual to make sure this is an experience that they would enjoy. Explain the basics of an RP and tell them how to enjoy the server if they choose to fit. I won't discriminate based on experience as I myself have faced similar situations when I first started to play gmod RP. If they stay then I will help them assimilate to the server to ensure a great first time RP experience. 


How long have you been within our community?: Just joined 

What do you think these abbreviations mean? LTAP, NITRP, MRDM, OOC, NLR and RDA?: Leaving to avoid punishment, No intent to RP, (roleplay) Mass RDM (random deathmatch), Out of character, New life rule, and Random Arrest. 

How would you rate your activity from 1 to 10? (1 being not that active 10 being really active.): 8

Are you willing to put effort in this position?: Yes, fully and I want the experience to last. 

Are you willing to help the community?: Yes, that is the primary reason I am here and have applied 

Do you understand that messaging any staff members about your application can result in a denial?: Yes. 







Joseph The Man

Ex Forums Manager of Centurion Networks

Ex Head of Administration on SWRP


Discord: [REDACTED]

[CN] WelshBanana

🌟 Executive Team 🌟


You will start at the rank of trial staff.

Thanks for reading,

Brooke Burton,

Chief Executive Officer,

Centurion Networks,


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